Other Areas

Although Deborah Wolfe is most known for her professional malpractice cases, she has tackled a broad array of disputes over her lengthy career. In addition, because of her prominence and reputation in the San Diego legal community, Deborah’s personal and professional networks include competent and successful attorneys in all areas of practice. She can help you locate the right person to assist you in whatever type of legal concern you may have.

Attorney Brian Worthington, who is of counsel to Wolfe Legal Group, PC, has been in practice since 1995, and for much of his career has represented clients as civil defense counsel. He offers perspective and insights to Ms. Wolfe and her clients as to what potential defenses could be raised to claims, and is able to predict with great accuracy the types of tactics that will be used against the firm’s plaintiff clients in litigation. In addition to being an excellent researcher and writer, Mr. Worthington has extensive experience in insurance coverage issues and in civil appeals.

Attorney Ellen Turnage, of counsel to Wolfe Legal Group, PC, has been engaged in practice in California since 1995. Ms. Turnage has extensive experience in handling consumer claims and in particular “lemon law” cases. She has superior research and writing skills, in addition to being a fine and tenacious trial lawyer, who has assisted Ms. Wolfe in a number of cases over the years.

Wolfe Legal Group, PC also employs some very fine contract attorneys to assist in client matters, in order to deliver superior personalized service to our clients.

Whatever the legal issue is, our office can most likely handle it for you, or else refer you to someone who can.